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The Official Primi's Airplane Panic Wikia
Tape Roll
Tape Roll's official artwork
Tape Roll's official artwork
Basic Info
Full Name Quincy McHale
Age 17
Species Roll of duct tape
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Essence ESS Paper.png

ESS Velocity.png

Home Location Animation Dimension
Occupation Athlete
First Season Appeared Primi's Airplane Panic
Last Season Appeared Primi's Airplane Panic
Placement TBA
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Love Interest N/A
Sexuality Heterosexual
Other Info

owned by

Charlotte the Jigglypuff
Previous owners None
Voiced by N/A

Quincy, more commonly known as Tape Roll, is a male contestant in Primi's Airplane Panic.


Tape Roll is a roll of cardboard wrapped in silver duct tape. He is armless, having skinny legs, and beady black eyes. There is a strip of tape loose on his backside.


Tape Roll is relaxed and carefree, having all the free time in the world to do what he wishes. He enjoys making jokes every now and then, despite people thinking they're rather awful. One of the biggest parts of him is his ego. Tape Roll prioritizes himself over most other people, and judges them in any way he can, regardless of whether or not he's guilty of these flaws. He always loves to show off his speed or other skills to people around them, even if they don't care, or are annoyed by it. Tape Roll isn't the guy who takes anything very seriously, and he can also be a bit delusional. But in reality, he's just looking for something fun to do in his life.


Tape Roll's life was simple. Before he was abducted by Obmjos at age 13, he was a desert shrew, who lived in an old, abandoned structure in the Twist Islands, built by individuals who experimented with building a living space in this area, only to have their plan backfire later. In his desert shrew years, he had a balanced amount of athletic training and social media. He built his personality like a stack of building blocks. However, the results were not what his parents expected. Being of Paper and Velocity essence, he is very lightweight and fast, so while he was running a few laps around the desert, his speed surpassed many athletes known in Barus, although nobody had discovered or noticed.When his speed was really high, still not many people noticed, and he began to show off a bit.

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