Syringe's official artwork
Basic Info
Full Name Evan Caneer
Age 12
Species Glass syringe
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Essence ESS Unknown

ESS Sorcery

Home Location Unknown
Occupation Unknown
First Season Appeared Primi's Airplane Panic
Last Season Appeared Primi's Airplane Panic
Placement TBA
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Love Interest N/A
Sexuality Unknown
Other Info

owned by

Previous owners None
Voiced by N/A
Evan, more commonly referred to as Syringe, is a male contestant in Primi's Airplane Panic.


Syringe is, as his name implies, a glass syringe, with a button and needle both made of iron. Inside of his is a blue fluid of an undiscovered substance (hence his first essence being Unknown). He wears a cloak that is colored grey and red, and has the common wirey arms that most object creatures have. One of his arms is equipped with some sort of green gauntlet.


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Abilities and Combat StrategyEdit

Syringe, being a sorcerer, has many capabilities in combat, as long as he's armed with a certain tome that he carries with him. If he isn't carrying it, he can summon it simply by using his mind. He doesn't know any skills himself, so he uses the tome to apply the effect of a skill via a spell. Some skills he can memorize, while he needs the tome to access the others.

Facts and TriviaEdit

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