• Charlotte the Jigglypuff

    it was a hard decision to make. but it HAD to be done. for the good of me, you, and this channel. i hope you understand.

    this wiki will still exist for a while, for the sake of gathering mandatory data. afterwards, it may close down.

    now, some things i want to discuss especially. most of you guys down here know me from when i was.... the abomination otherwise known as Florence100. i may have said this in the video already, but I used to trash a lot of my projects, but without an actually valid reason. i didn't even give a HINT to why i would do it. that bad habit ends right here. if i want to scrap a project, i wouldn't just do it because i want to. if it goes down, it goes down because it must. and…

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  • SpongebobAtnight

    Since jix already had one, I wanted to make fig one. It's a little coo fusing, but it can be updated

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  • Charlotte the Jigglypuff


    June 17, 2015 by Charlotte the Jigglypuff

    to anyone coming here, this wiki is supposed to be a SECRET until I've gotten things prepared. any of the others roaming the wiki may be admins that i want to keep the wiki between me and them and have them protect the wiki if i'm not there to do it. anyone else may have just been searching for this wiki for some reason (probably to ruin my life lol), and i want them out. that includes you reading this if you're not an admin. if you don't want to leave, fair enough, but do not tell ANYONE about this wiki or talk about it anywhere else.

    there are reasons i can't have people roaming this wiki.

    if me or the admins catch you doing any of the following here...

    1. making preposterous edits on pages

    2. ABUSING pages

    3. adding a billion irrelevant cate…

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